FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-registration and visa.

1.    I am currently abroad and need a confirmation of the language course registration to apply for a visa.

Please send us the copy of your passport via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will provide you with a pre-registration letter.

2.    I received a pre-registration letter (Voranmeldung ). Do I have to pass the entrance test or can I start the course immediately?

Despite of your pre-registration you need to sign up for the A1-course online.
If you wish to participate in one of the higher-level courses, you have to complete the entrance test.

Entrance exam and waiting list.


1.    I already have a German language certificate (Goethe-Institut etc.). Do I still have to complete an entrance exam?


2.    Do I have to register for the entrance exam?

No. Please come to the building SH (Studierendenhaus/AStA) 10 minutes in advance – You will be picked up.

3.    Why there is sometimes no entrance exam?

If all seats are filled by "interculturas" participants, no external participants can be enrolled.

4.    What do I need to know about the entrance exam?

The entrance test takes 30 minutes (A2) and 45 minutes (B1 and B2).
The test costs 5€. You do not need registration. Come on time and bring your ID card. The meeting point is AStA/ student house.
The dates can be found here.
In the test only the non removable pen is allowed.

5.    I have passed the entrance exam and am on the waiting list. What does this mean?

The result of your test is over 60%. Places will be issued after the ranking process. You will be contacted when subscribers sign out, and we have a "gap" in the ranking list.

Registration. Waiting list.

1.    Is there an online subscription/registration?

Online registration is only available for A1-courses!
For other levels you have to register in person, after you have passed the entrance examination.

2.    How can you register for A1?

The registration for the A1 course opens at 8:00 on the Monday three weeks prior to the beginning of the course. It can be accessed on this page.

3.    I have tried to sign me for A1, but all places were occupied very quickly. What can I do?

Send us an email with the subject "waiting list". We will contact you if a place becomes available.

Costs. Payment.

1.    What are the course fees?

A1 – B1: 330€ per course
B2: 340€ per course
C1: 370€ per course

2.    How can I pay for the course? Where can I find information on the bank account?

For security reasons, our account information is not published on the website. Write us a short -mail and we will send you our bank details.

Timetable. Lessons.

1.    How often and when will the lessons take place?

Four days per week with 5 hours each day (20 hrs. per week). Classes are held in the morning (8:45 to 1:00 p.m.) – or/and in the afternoon (13:15 - 17:30). The schedule is available four weeks prior the beginning of the course.

2.    Where will the lessons take place?

In the rooms of the Ruhr-University

3.    Is there any compulsory attendance?

Only in C1! You can only miss 5 times (5 days).

4.    Can I get a student ID card (semester ticket) when I visit your courses?

Semester ticket is available only for the participants of B1 level or higher
It is possible to get a confirmation for the YOUNG ticket.

5.    I need a room. Do you have places in the student dorms?

As soon as you begin to attend our B1 course, you will receive a confirmation letter and a student card. With this letter and the card you can apply for a room at AKAFÖ www.akafoe.de. 

Cancellation. Refund of course fees.

1.    I want to cancel the course. Will I get the money back?

The cancellation is possible until 3 days before the start of the course. The fees will be fully refunded.

2.    How can I cancel the course?

Please send us an email with the subject "cancellation" and tell us your bank details.