Who are our courses oriented towards?

Our courses are for anyone who wants to learn German, from any country. The objective of the courses is to give a good foundation in German so that the course participants can start their studies or continue their studies, prepare for training, are equipped for attending a foundation college or for entering the world of work. The C1 course in particular is perfect for preparing for the language exams that need to be passed before taking up studies in Germany. DSH (German Language Exam for University Admission), Telc, Test-DaF


What - Courses on offer from Interculturas e.V.

We offer courses from levels A1 to C1, each with a total of 220 hours of teaching over a period of 11 weeks consisting of 20 hours of lessons each week. The lessons are held in the morning or afternoon.  At the end of each course, a certificate can be obtained by passing the final exam. Material costs for the course book and copies and the course fees are the only expenses that you will need to pay. 

A1 (fee: 330.00 Euro)

Basic skills in listening, reading, written and oral communication for dealing with daily life (shopping, appointments, visiting the doctor etc.) will be taught. The following areas of grammar will be looked at: Objects, verbs in the present tense, modal verbs, the perfect tense, prepositions, possessive articles, personal pronouns.

A1 final exam (download pdf)

 A2 (fee: 330.00 Euro)

Entrance test for A2 (download pdf)

Your listening, reading, writing and oral skills will be further  improvedand expanded upon. In terms of grammar, you will learn about: The past tense, subordinate clauses, Konjunktiv II, passive tense, adjective declension.

A2 final exam (download pdf)

 B1 (fee: 330.00 Euro)

Entrance test for B1 (download pdf)

In listening and reading, you will look at real-life texts. In written and oral skills, you will practise expressing your own opinion. In addition, you will receive training on handling and describing graphics and charts. The focal points of grammar for this level include: Nominalisation, prepositions using the genitive case, Konjunktiv I, transforming a main clause to a subordinate clause and vice versa. This course enables you to enrol at a university.

B1 final exam (download pdf)

 B2 (fee: 340.00 Euro)

Entrance test for B2 (download pdf)

The program is similar to the program for B1, but is at a higher level. The topics studied are: Living abroad/migration, science and technology, the environment and environmental protection In writing, we will look at creating reports, debates and reviews. Focal points in grammar are: Rephrasing left-branching and right-branching modifiers and grammatical structures in texts.

This course enables you to enrol at a university.

B2 final exam (download pdf)

 C1 (fee: 370.00 Euro)

Entrance test for C1 (download pdf)

Preparation for German university admission tests (e.g. DSH (German Language Exam for University Admission), Test-DaF, Telc C1 for university admission etc.). This course enables you to enrol at a university.



The objective of all our German courses is to

give the student the skills they need to find their feet and communicate in a new language and also to enable them to undertake studies or training for work.

People of different cultures, ages and educational backgrounds come together at our courses and work with our teaching staff to achieve these goals. It is therefore important that an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding is created right from the start to overcome any potential fears or inhibition. Group activities and discussions, games, role play and/or songs are a firm part of the course curriculum in order to facilitate this.

Another important part of our concept is promoting independent learning and active acquisition of knowledge. The moodle course is one element that works towards this objective. Here, the students can find resources (texts, audio files and links etc.) that enable them to develop their understanding of the subject matter independently and test it out.

Acquiring knowledge isn’t the only element that students need to get to university; our courses that prep students for higher education also give our participants the ability to set down their ideas and knowledge in writing and express them orally using appropriate grammar and vocabulary. This means that formulating and improving written work (structuring a text and making it coherent, useful phrases and written grammar) play an important role, especially in the higher level courses. It is equally important to be able to showcase your own independently researched knowledge in the form of a presentation.

Our teaching staff accompany our students on this long, often challenging path and offer support and encouragement to enable the students to reach their personal goals.